Buying a Home

House Sold - to Us!

We’ve Bought the House By The Sea!

We’ve gone uunconditional on our house! In New Zealand you have a binding contract to buy once your conditions are met – we just bought a house in Titahi Bay!We had until today to sign off our conditions – which were the building report and the council LIM. The  dramas of the building report I’ve written…

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Building Report – Round Two

Well in my previous post I mentioned that the building report for our dream house and raised serious moisture issues.Today we went back to figure out the cause of the moisture – and the damage behind the gib (plaster board is maybe what American’s call it?) Anyway with a builder on hand – we said…

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Home by the sea - maybe

Oops – We Have Building Report Issues

Darn – I spoke too soon. Agents always say you haven’t bought or sold a house until you are unconditional – and we had a building report as a condition on this place.I went with the builder partly so I could finally take some photos inside! I wasn’t expecting him to call me over to…

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Mana Island from Rocky Bay, Titahi Bay

Today We Bought A House (Almost)!

There it is the view we bought – it took a bit of back and forth on price and settlement date – but once we approve the building report and and the Council records – we will own this house! We spent a day or two going back and forth offer and counter-0ffer – in…

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We’ve Made An Offer – the Fun Begins!

Well we’ve done – it put an offer in on the house whose view we’ve fallen in love with! It’s Labour Day here in New Zealand, so my partner was off work. We got a call from the agent saying that someone who’d spent an hour at the property at the Open Home yesterday (which…

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A Bank on Wall Street, New York

So Do We Have a Mortgage From the Bank?

If you’ve been following along on the house saga – you’ll remember that I was furious to find the bank was slow getting back to us.Frankly the longer we waited the less I was expecting good news. I am self-employed after all, even though my partner makes good money he’s only a few years off…

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Buying a Home By the Sea!

So, Are We Buying, Or Not?

Well who knows is the short answer! I’m still in love with the house with the view. But we still haven’t made an offer – the bank finally came back and said they needed a WEEK to give us an answer.Once I calmed down I rang my “business banker” and got that down to 4…

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View from the street above the house we want to buy

Going To Open Homes in New Zealand!

How does it work in your country. When you are looking to buy a house in NZ you often go to “open Houses” or “open to view” times. This is when the agent advertises 30 minutes or so slot when you can come and walk through the house.Top tip: if you are doing this a…

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Dockside Restaurant - Wellington on a Sunny Day

How Much Sun Does a House Get – And Does It Matter?

Note – in the southern hemisphere the sun hits a house on the north and west sides. A south-facing house is not desirable because it will get little sun- it always sounds funny with English real estate programs rave on about south-facing gardens! When we lived in Perth, Australia  – I was very happy to get a…

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Oops Now I’m Valuing Houses in Titahi Bay, Wellington!

The weather was awful yesterday – Sunday- which was good. I always prefer to see houses in the rain – if you like then then- you’ll love them in fine weather! Sunday is the Opoen Home day around here – if you are looking for a house – forget about having Sundays for anything but…

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