Today We Bought A House (Almost)!

Mana Island from Rocky Bay, Titahi Bay

The view from the front of our house

There it is the view we bought – it took a bit of back and forth on price and settlement date – but once we approve the building report and and the Council records – we will own this house! We spent a day or two going back and forth offer and counter-0ffer – in the end we spend $10k over our idea price, but still under our absolute maximum, so we’re very happy.I’m not putting a picture of the interior – it’s nothing special – mid-1980’s, chip-board floors, tired kitchen and bathroom. There’s a reason there’s going to be a renovation category in this website!That’s not why we bought the house – the picture above is why we bought the view ! It’s not even a through road – a cul-de-sac – and the section borders on reserve land on the north side.The view is there forever – no one can ever build in front of us. Plus the sea-level is not rising high enough to affect us (if it does we are going to be in  Biblical amounts of trouble anyways – as non-believers!). The island is called Mana Island and it’s a reserve – and an island I’ve never been too.In the distance is the South Island – yes the  South Island of New Zealand is the the west of the bottom of the North Island (really – check a map!).We’d have preferred to move in January as we are holding onto our existing house and renting it, and January is when there is most demand for rentals, but as part of the negotiation process we changed the settlement date to a few days before Christmas.Now, for the second time in my life we’ll be moving before Xmas – at least this time I’m not cooking for 17 people!

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