We’ve Bought the House By The Sea!

House Sold - to Us!

House Sold – to Us!

We’ve gone uunconditional on our house! In New Zealand you have a binding contract to buy once your conditions are met – we just bought a house in Titahi Bay!We had until today to sign off our conditions – which were the building report and the council LIM. The  dramas of the building report I’ve written about – but we also had an issue with the LIM.The Council had a building consent which didn’t have a final code of compliance. On Tuesday they told me it didn’t matter (which is wrong – the  council could pursue us in the future for this even though it happened before we owned the property). They also said it would take up to 20 working days to issue. I’m not sure what the Vendor did but the code of compliance was issued today!We’ve agreed to sign off on our conditions.That means we have an unconditional contract and we will settle the property (i.e. pay for it!) on the 18 December. (BTW if you are ever buying a house  in New Zealand – NEVER settle on a Friday – everyone else does and you end up with all sorts of grief because the solicitors and banks are all super busy!).

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