Oops – We Have Building Report Issues

Home by the sea - maybe

Home by the sea

Darn – I spoke too soon. Agents always say you haven’t bought or sold a house until you are unconditional – and we had a building report as a condition on this place.I went with the builder partly so I could finally take some photos inside! I wasn’t expecting him to call me over to show me moisture readings in the gib which were off the scale. The house is what is know in New Zealand as a “leaky building” – there are 100% moisture readings under the corners of most of the windows and doors.This has been a plague on houses built between about 1995-2005 – which was a period where untreated wood was allowed.This house is unusual – it’s Hardiplank and they are not known to leak – but the moisture meters says otherwise. It was also build in 1985, when timber was required to be treated.I’m seriously bummed – I’d finally allowed myself to unconditionally fall in love with the place, figuring it was ll in hand bar the paperwork.Now I need the report – and we will have to ask the vendor to rectify – or we could walk away from the deal. But I don’t really want to – the view grows on me each time I visit.Bummer

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