Travel Technology

Do You Still Need a Camera for Travel Photos?

Short version – yes. Longer version. I have a decent “super-zoom” camera –  the Canon 20IS (the 50IS is the latest model). I’ve had it for several years and am not planning on replacing it. But I know more and more  travellers are ditching their point and shoot cameras and just using iPads or phones…

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Kindle for travel - thailand

Kindle 2011: Why I’m Buying Another Kindle for International Travel

I’m already sold on my Kindle for travel. I bought what is now known as a Kindle Keyboard, earlier this year.  The device is great, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. But the thing is, I need to buy another one. My partner has high-jacked my Kindle! He won’t give it back. He’s a voracious…

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Thailand Prepaid Internet: Prepaid SIM Card for Thailand Visitors

OK – so you are planning to travel to Thailand and you want to stay in contact with the peeps back home. In today’s inter-connected world you may be just assuming that your smart phone/ iPad /netbook will just WORK. Well – yes it probably will – at a price.  Not working out how you want…

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