How Much Sun Does a House Get – And Does It Matter?

Dockside Restaurant - Wellington on a Sunny Day

Dockside Restaurant – Wellington on a Sunny Day

Note – in the southern hemisphere the sun hits a house on the north and west sides. A south-facing house is not desirable because it will get little sun- it always sounds funny with English real estate programs rave on about south-facing gardens! When we lived in Perth, Australia  – I was very happy to get a south-facing flat – it stayed a lot cooler that way! However in chilly Wellington I’d never buy a house that doesn’t have good sun. A grew up in a seaside suburb that lost the sun at 2pm – useless!And it’s hard to tell because we have a lot of hills so a house can be in shade while it’s neighbour is in full sun.So I’m off to see the obsession house to see how the morning sun is today. It’s a lovely sunny day, and as the house is west facing it obviously gets sun until sunset in the afternoon. The question is – how is the morning sun?The answer was not bad – it  was getting it inside by 11am – which is fine by me. I’m not exactly a morning person at the best of time. I’d much rather watch the sunset over the sea – than watch it rise!

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