Buying a Home

The View From the Lounge

Reality Bites – What Happens When You See A House Up Close!

As I said earlier I’ve spent most of this week obsessed by a coastal property in the nearby suburb of Titahi Bay. I did a drive past with a friend, and the obession didn’t go away.So I contacted the agent – they weren’t doing an open home this weekend – so we arranged a private viewing.The reality…

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Do You Have To Live Near The Sea ?

My mother always claimed to have to live near the sea. She was born in a house across the road from the sea in Wellington. Around 70 years later she died in that house and my brother and I inherited. We sold it a few years later because although the view was nice – the house…

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Falling in Love with a House

When House Just Won’t Let Go!

Sometimes you just have to go and look in real life. A house that is for sale in a Titahi Bay  has caught my interest. In fact I’ve looked at all the photos many times, worked out the floor plan, driven the area via Google Street View.I’ve googled it and found a previous issue with a…

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The Story Begins – Thinking About Buying a Home By The Sea

Buying a home is a big deal – but the start of this story was quite casual, I had a vague feeling that I wanted to move nearer the sea. We’d previously discussed moving somewhere warmer, probably Tauranga – but the tropic is that it’s not THAT much warmer, and it’s a small town. I…

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