So Do We Have a Mortgage From the Bank?

A Bank on Wall Street, New York

This NYC Bank Did Not Give us a Mortgage!

If you’ve been following along on the house saga – you’ll remember that I was furious to find the bank was slow getting back to us.Frankly the longer we waited the less I was expecting good news. I am self-employed after all, even though my partner makes good money he’s only a few years off retirement.However at 6:30pm on Monday I got a call – the bank has agreed in principal to lending us more money than we want to spend on the house!So the ball is back in our court – do we offer now, or wait? I have so much work on this week I dont’ really have time for the diversion. And then we have a big dance comp this weekend – fortunately in town – but it will still tie us up 12 hours each day!We don’t have to offer yet – if anyone else does, the agent is obliged to give us a few hours to respond.I think we’ll wait until early next week – unless someone offers first of course…

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