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Waterfalls of Australia – #FriFotos

Fruit Bat Falls, Cape York, Queensland

Where are the world’s greatest waterfalls? I’m sure if you had to name some great waterfalls you might mention the Niagara Falls in Canada, or the Iguaszu  in Brazil. I’ll admit Iguaszu is impressive, Niagara much less so, but Australian waterfalls? Hmm, right, can you name any? To be honest I don’t think I could…

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Travel Memories

Truckie on the Oodnadatta Track and the Old Ghan Railroad

Travel memories – I was inspired to write by reading Tim Leffel’s article here. The thing is I have very few actual souvenirs. Coming to my home wouldn’t mean that you look around and go “Wow you’ve travelled a lot!” You’d need a keen eye to recognise the pretty throw as being a Berber shawl…

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Western Australian Sunset – Exmouth

Sunset, Exmouth, Western Australia

Having experienced both the west and the east coast of Australia – I actually think that Western Australia has it all over the classic east coast road trip. Why? Well its empty, really, really empty. And it has sunsets, quite a lot of them. Most nights actually, and sometimes they look like this! And they…

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Museums: Old World, New World

New World Museum Te Papa Wellington New Zealand

Today is  World Museum Day – what you didn’t know? Well you do now!  So I was going to write something profound like the  Top 5 Museums of New Zealand  or Weird and Wacky Museums I Have Known. But instead I got to thinking about the broad range of places I’ve been to that have…

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Planehenge, South Australia

Planehenge, SA

Yup – that is too real planes arranged as a sculpture! Planehenge, as its known, is one of the larger sculptures in the Mutonia Sculpture Park, on the remote Oonadatta Track, in South Australia. You reach it a few hours north of the “town” of Marree (a pub, a petrol station and an camp ground).…

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Travellers’ Night In: Travel Nightmares

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Hmm yeah – well to be honest, more than I ever told my mother! To be honest I’m bit of a beginner with Twitter – but I noticed this regular Travellers’ (English spelling get over it) Night In where people respond to questions during a set time frame. I’m not sure whether I got the time…

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Perth From Rottnest Island

Perth skyline from Rottnest Island, WA, Australia

I must admit it took me nearly two years to get to Rottnest Island, I’d been living all that time in Perth, but it was an expensive trip, particularly as we wanted to stay overnight, and unbelievably we were a bit “beached-out” initially. And we wanted to stay overnight, which is neither cheap nor particularly…

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Stay Safe in New Zealand’s National Parks

Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro from Mt Taranaki (Egmont)

Is New Zealand safe? A question asked by many. Well frankly, no its not, not if you intend to leave your brains at home.  Most overseas visitors come to New Zealand for the “great outdoors”, the “wilderness experience” or to part take in our famous “adventure tourism”. A lot of them visit one more National…

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