Planehenge, South Australia

Yup – that is too real planes arranged as a sculpture! Planehenge, as its known, is one of the larger sculptures in the Mutonia Sculpture Park, on the remote Oonadatta Track, in South Australia. You reach it a few hours north of the “town” of Marree (a pub, a petrol station and an camp ground). There are a number of sculptures all put up by one man, Robin Cook, who wanted to do something with the junk he’d accumulated over the years.

Its only 40km north of Marree and you will end up walking over a kilometre to see all the displays. Its all pretty bizarre a 1000km from anywhere! No entry fee either!

The Oodnadatta Track runs from Marree to to Oodnadatta  follows the route of the old Ghan railway to Alice Springs (the new railway runs several 100kms to the west).  We found the track in very good condition and you could have done the main track with a 2WD, driving slowly. The side tracks on the other hand to the various overland telegraph repeater stations and to Lake Eyre itself, were incredibly rough and definitely 4WD (with care and experience) only.

Planehenge, SA

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