Travel Photos

Do You Still Need a Camera for Travel Photos?

Short version – yes. Longer version. I have a decent “super-zoom” camera –  the Canon 20IS (the 50IS is the latest model). I’ve had it for several years and am not planning on replacing it. But I know more and more  travellers are ditching their point and shoot cameras and just using iPads or phones…

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Western Australian Sunset – Exmouth

Sunset, Exmouth, Western Australia

Having experienced both the west and the east coast of Australia – I actually think that Western Australia has it all over the classic east coast road trip. Why? Well its empty, really, really empty. And it has sunsets, quite a lot of them. Most nights actually, and sometimes they look like this! And they…

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Planehenge, South Australia

Planehenge, SA

Yup – that is too real planes arranged as a sculpture! Planehenge, as its known, is one of the larger sculptures in the Mutonia Sculpture Park, on the remote Oonadatta Track, in South Australia. You reach it a few hours north of the “town” of Marree (a pub, a petrol station and an camp ground).…

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Perth From Rottnest Island

Perth skyline from Rottnest Island, WA, Australia

I must admit it took me nearly two years to get to Rottnest Island, I’d been living all that time in Perth, but it was an expensive trip, particularly as we wanted to stay overnight, and unbelievably we were a bit “beached-out” initially. And we wanted to stay overnight, which is neither cheap nor particularly…

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Bell Gorge, Western Australia

Bell Gorge, WA

Driving outback Australia, with broken air-con, there is nothing more appealing than clean, cool, crocodile-free, water hole. Bell Gorge is one such on the Gibb River Road, in northern Western Australia.  We had driven all day and got to the camping spot late. We put the tent up in record time, and hopped back in…

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Moon over Halong Bay, Vietnam

Moon over Hailong Bay Vietnam

I’d always wanted to go to Halong Bay, Vietnam, so finally a few days after Christmas 2004 I got there. We did an overnight trip which mean I could get this classic shot without too much inconvenience, just before the big dinner buffet started from memory. I imagine Hailong has got even more crowded over…

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Ganges River, Varanasi, India

man rowing Varanasi, India

I know that dawn is the best time for a photographer, particularly in hot and hazy countries like India. But I don’t do dawn very well. I don’t quite remember what got me out of bed early to take a tour down the Ganges to see the burning gats. But I got some nice pictures…

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Broome, Western Australia

Broome, WA

I know you won’t believe me, but this is not photoshopped, I didn’t even have a filter on the camera! We were staying a few days in Broome enjoying the relative cosmopolitan atmosphere.  Even though it was dry season – thunderclouds gathered on several afternoons – sometimes it rained, often it did not. The colour…

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