Ganges River, Varanasi, India

I know that dawn is the best time for a photographer, particularly in hot and hazy countries like India. But I don’t do dawn very well. I don’t quite remember what got me out of bed early to take a tour down the Ganges to see the burning gats. But I got some nice pictures because of the time of day. This guy was heading out with his shopping boat – to see if some friendly tourists might need to buy an incense burner while they cruised by watching funerals and people washing in the river. Must admit see parts of corpses floating down the river was a bit of an eye opener! I usually love swimming, but I gave it a miss in Varanasi

Think the photo looks a little different – it is – it was taken on something called film – ask an old person! I scanned some of the best of my old photos – this one dates from 1990

man rowing Varanasi, India

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