Perth From Rottnest Island

I must admit it took me nearly two years to get to Rottnest Island, I’d been living all that time in Perth, but it was an expensive trip, particularly as we wanted to stay overnight, and unbelievably we were a bit “beached-out” initially. And we wanted to stay overnight, which is neither cheap nor particularly easy to do.

We also needed to avoid the school holidays because its unbelievably busy, well for Western Australian standards anyways.

Finally a few weeks we went over for a weekend. It was November – so it wasn’t too hot – about 30C – the sea was about 21C. Oddly thanks to a warm current which runs down this part of the Western Australia coast, the water temperature is warmer than on the coast. It does have some great beaches, and snorkeling is just off shore. There are plenty of other spots too if you happen to bring your own boat.

I believe the boat parking gets full at times though! Only in WA!

Perth skyline from Rottnest Island, WA, Australia

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