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Bell Gorge, Western Australia

Bell Gorge, WA

Driving outback Australia, with broken air-con, there is nothing more appealing than clean, cool, crocodile-free, water hole. Bell Gorge is one such on the Gibb River Road, in northern Western Australia.  We had driven all day and got to the camping spot late. We put the tent up in record time, and hopped back in…

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ANZAC Day in New Zealand

ANZAC Day, near Nelson

If you travel New Zealand, you will soon notice that we have some of the longest shopping hours of the civilized world. Most supermarkets are open 7 days,  in larger centers usually from about 6am to 2am.  Now it wasn’t always so, and you don’t have to be ancient to remember when everything shut down…

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Lis’s Travel Round Up – April Edition


Every month (or so) I thought it would be fun to take a look at what struck my eye as the unusual, the interesting or the just plane weird in the world of travel. In the Media Hmm in the useless gadgets departments – the “me finder” for kids who get lost. What ever happened…

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Moon over Halong Bay, Vietnam

Moon over Hailong Bay Vietnam

I’d always wanted to go to Halong Bay, Vietnam, so finally a few days after Christmas 2004 I got there. We did an overnight trip which mean I could get this classic shot without too much inconvenience, just before the big dinner buffet started from memory. I imagine Hailong has got even more crowded over…

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21 Ways To Stay Safe in a Taxi

Cyclo, Saigon, Vietnam

How often did I get the advice to take a taxi to be safe. It started as a teen, because we didn’t have a car I often took the last bus home, and walked the last 20 minutes. When I went overseas again I had the well-meaning, but un-aware, advise me to make sure I…

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How To Get to Koh Lipe

Tourists arriving at Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

Content last updated – November 2016 – please contact me  if you have an update!  I first saw Koh Lipe from the window of the ferry from Langkawi, Malaysia.  I haven’t often entered a country by sea. In fact when I thought about the last time was when  I got on the wrong boat out…

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