Koh Lipe Beach – Working on the beach NOT

I’ve used a version of this photo for a while as my “gravatar” around the Internets. It was taken outside our 800B resort on Koh Lipe in southern Thailand. Its a bit of a joke.  You’ve heard of the dream – working anywhere, living anywhere? Well Koh Lipe is not the place to indulge it. Which is not to say I didn’t absolutely love the beach, the cheap accommodation, the cold beer and good food.

Nope the problem is the netbook I’m holding has a shiny screen. And the reflection from the sun was so strong I not only couldn’t see it even when in the shade on the beach, I couldn’t see it in the only common area – the open sided resort. Nor could I sit on the deck of our hut – until well into the afternoon – again the sun was too strong. I could sit inside the hut – but that was pretty warm! So no I wouldn’t recommend Koh Lipe for Digital Nomads – but its a great place to start your trip to Thailand!

Koh Lipe, Krabi Thailand

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