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Do You Still Need a Camera for Travel Photos?

Short version – yes. Longer version. I have a decent “super-zoom” camera –  the Canon 20IS (the 50IS is the latest model). I’ve had it for several years and am not planning on replacing it. But I know more and more  travellers are ditching their point and shoot cameras and just using iPads or phones…

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This Blog is Not Going to Malta!

Cape Panwa, Phuket

So I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t update often enough.  But when I do update, it’s genuine. Which is why I’m not going to Malta. But I probably need to back up and explain: Malta is running a campaign which sees them sponsoring 72 travel bloggers to visit in 2014 In some ways this…

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Independent Travel – Ireland Edition

Independent Travel Ireland

I have traveled Ireland several times  – but for many people Ireland is their first trip overseas so what should a beginner be thinking about if they are considering a trip to the Emerald Isle. You could decide to go with an organized tour – lets be clear tours are great – so long as…

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Sydney 30 Years On

Sydney Ferries Under the Harbour Bridge - Dwarfed by a Liner

Sydney was my first overseas city which I traveled to solo At 19 at scored a holiday job a summer job with a multi-national oil company in Sydney’s Rocks area. A few weeks ago my latest trip was because I was taking a travel writing course Sydney Transport Options The first time I arrived I caught…

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My Non-Boring Travel Money Guide Is FREE

I‘m currently giving away my Non-Boring Travel Money Guide – free on Kindle. Sorry it’s back to it’s regular, but reasonable price of $3.99. (If you don’t have a Kindle, which personally I think is the best piece of travel gear invented EVER, you can still read it with a free Kindle app.  This is the…

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Travelling At Christmas – How To Survive

Christmas Markets, Berlin

I’ve spent many Christmases away from home. The most memorial one’s probably include: spending most of the day on flights from New Zealand to India;  to the first time I spent Christmas in Australia – in Sydney; many years later spending Christmas in the middle of the Nullabor Plain; Christmas Eve in Singapore before flying to Hanoi…

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