This is my vanity site. I have been travelling most of my life and I have kept a diary on most trips – somehow I managed to not loose any of them too!  I develop websites for a living – but this site is more about recording what’s important to me. No the site hasn’t been online for ever – though in its earliest version (2007) it was a Dreamweaver hand coded site. I thought it would make a fortune – after all I had great content (in fact some of it is still here!) Of course no one came and I made no money.`

But I could never quite give up the site. So recently I have revamped the site. The old trip reports are basically verbatim from my diaries – I have backdated them to the actual dates though so you have an idea of what may or may not have changed over time!  I have boxes and boxes of photos – but unfortunately up until Vietnam – they are all old-fashioned film – and I can’t be bothered digitizing them. The photos used on the older posts are all from – used with permission.

For those of you who are technically minded – I wasted my money on Dreamweaver – you can do practically anything using free or very cheap tools. This site runs on:

  • WordPress – a content management system;
  • I am using the Frugal Theme – a paid premium theme – which is infinitely flexible and has fantastic support;
  • I am using Impact Page Builder a paid plugin  from the same developer as Frugal Theme – to allow some pages to be completely focused on the topic to hand – Impact allow me to easily build custom templates for each and every page – if I wanted.

If you want your own travel site but don’t know where to start – then drop be a line below and I can probably help

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