When House Just Won’t Let Go!

Falling in Love with a House

No not this house!

Sometimes you just have to go and look in real life. A house that is for sale in a Titahi Bay  has caught my interest. In fact I’ve looked at all the photos many times, worked out the floor plan, driven the area via Google Street View.I’ve googled it and found a previous issue with a neighbouring development. I found all the different sites that scarpe the listings from Trademe and Open2View.The house is bugging me. In the end I called the agent – we’ll have a viewing on the weekend.In the meanwhile I’ll do a drive by – and hopefully find out that I hate the street :-)We’re not ready to move, certainly not my partner, he thinks we’re just vaguely considering the option in the next couple of years.So I need to stop obsessing about this house 🙂

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