We’ve Made a Decision – We’re Offering!

I guess you already know what happens, as you’re reading a blog called a Home By the Sea! But stick with me – I wrote these posts before I launched the site – and I didn’t know what was going to happen at the the time!

Carvings Near Pataka, Porirua

Carvings Near Pataka, Porirua

We’ve decided to  offer on the house in Titahi Bay!  Although Titahi Bay is only a little further from the city than our current place , about 10 minutes by train or car (out of rush hour), it feels like a big deal. Probably because we plan on being there a long time.So last night we worked out how much more it would cost to live in this new place. That’s relevant because my partner will retire in the next few years.So we worked out that:

  • Commuting would cost about US$130 / month on the train – this is about $100 more than my partner pays because he rides a scooter from our current place. But that’s probably only for another 2 or 3 years.
  • Council Tax (rates) are about $800 more a year . (It’s technically a different city and the rates are higher there).
  • We use the car very little currently (I work from home and my partner commutes by scooter). We’ll use the car more – maybe another US$200 /month in fuel and running costs.

On the plus side – I think we’ll spend less on power as there is no gas connected and there is a wood burner. I also suspect that we will eat out less as there aren’t quite as good a selection of restaurants nearby.

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