This Blog is Not Going to Malta!

Cape Panwa, Phuket

So I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t update often enough.  But when I do update, it’s genuine. Which is why I’m not going to Malta. But I probably need to back up and explain: Malta is running a campaign which sees them sponsoring 72 travel bloggers to visit in 2014 In some ways this…

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2013 Vacation Plans – Where To Go?

Model Railway, Hobart

I have a bit of a reputation I think. As soon as we got back from Burma, the first question people were asking was, when are you off again? Where’s the next trip to? Well frankly I’m not sure, but never one to stay at home too long I thought I’d see what was being…

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Travel Memories

Truckie on the Oodnadatta Track and the Old Ghan Railroad

Travel memories – I was inspired to write by reading Tim Leffel’s article here. The thing is I have very few actual souvenirs. Coming to my home wouldn’t mean that you look around and go “Wow you’ve travelled a lot!” You’d need a keen eye to recognise the pretty throw as being a Berber shawl…

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Travellers’ Night In: Travel Nightmares

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Hmm yeah – well to be honest, more than I ever told my mother! To be honest I’m bit of a beginner with Twitter – but I noticed this regular Travellers’ (English spelling get over it) Night In where people respond to questions during a set time frame. I’m not sure whether I got the time…

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Lis’s Travel Round Up – April Edition


Every month (or so) I thought it would be fun to take a look at what struck my eye as the unusual, the interesting or the just plane weird in the world of travel. In the Media Hmm in the useless gadgets departments – the “me finder” for kids who get lost. What ever happened…

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21 Ways To Stay Safe in a Taxi

Cyclo, Saigon, Vietnam

How often did I get the advice to take a taxi to be safe. It started as a teen, because we didn’t have a car I often took the last bus home, and walked the last 20 minutes. When I went overseas again I had the well-meaning, but un-aware, advise me to make sure I…

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World Health Day: Health and Ageing and Travel

Songathew Koh Lanta Thailand

It’s World Health Day today and their theme is ageing and health. My theme is ageing and travel!  Maybe because I’ve just turned 50 the topic is something I’ve been thinking about recently! In fact more than that – I’ve actually been making quite a big effort to lose some weight. Why? Because I do…

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