Think like a Buyer to Sell a Vehicle in a Hurry

I intend in the future to do into the details of buying and selling paperwork in the variousCar for sale states of Australia, but today I found Dave’s post where he’s just sold his car in the States.Its always stressful when you are need to sell an expensive asset in a limited time frame. You might need to sell a car or a house before you leave home, or sell a car and other gear after you have finished touring a country. The key to success, I believe, is to think like the buyer. They don’t care what you paid for it, or how much you have spend fixing it or that you are emotionally attached to it and want it to go to a non-smoking, Christian family! So when you come to sell your baby car / 4WD make sure you:

  1. Know the current market price in the place you are selling it. If your price is not reasonable compared to what else is in the market you won’t sell.
  2. Know the checks on ownership the buyer may want to make and facilitate this if possible.
  3. Try to advertise late in the week, most people only have time to look on the weekend.
  4. Avoid major holidays and long weekends where your buyers may be out of town or otherwise too busy to shop.
  5. Check which day in local buy/sell newspaper comes out at aim to be advertise online the day before.
  6. Run off some flyers and distribute them to hostels, and internet cafes if you think you will sell to a traveler.
  7. If you want to sell to a local consider placing an ad in the local buy/sell ads newspaper.
  8. If you are selling to another traveler know which time of the year most tourists arrive in town. Be prepared to accept foreign currency as a point of difference from other sellers.
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