Don’t Put Petrol in a Diesel

You’ve had the diesel 4WD for about 3 weeks. You pull up to a gas station for a fill and automatically start filling the tank – unfortunately with petrol rather than diesel! There are two useful tips I can offer in this situation:

  • do not start the vehicle, if its blocking traffic, don’t start the vehicle, if it can’t be pushed out of the way, leave it there don’t start the engine!

  • call the tow truck they will tow it to a mechanic who will drain the tank and refill it enough to get you back to the station.

Cost for the mechanic about A$100. Cost for the tow truck – free because we were members of an overseas motoring organization. Membership of organizations such as the AAA or the British AA will give you reciprocal rights for towing and breakdown services (but only around town check the details of your scheme), discounts on retail, normally motoring related products, and a great selection of free maps and guides. Alternatively you could join an Australian organisation but that may be tricky if you don’t have a residential address.

And what happens if you put diesel in a petrol engine?

We were assured the same thing happens to Landcruisers too – the engine burns out, nasty and a lot more expensive than the tow fee! BTW we pressed the mechanic and the towie because both asked us how much fuel had we put in? We’ve put over 20litres but apparently if you just start and put only a few liters in and then stop – you may be OK if you then fill the tank to the top (with diesel!). Diesel burns hotter than petrol so it will blow the cylinders.

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