Do You Have To Live Near The Sea ?

My mother always claimed to have to live near the sea. She was born in a house across the road from the sea in Wellington. Around 70 years later she died in that house and my brother and I inherited. We sold it a few years later because although the view was nice – the house needed a lot of work and got very little sun. The house was replaced by a huge mansion, and brother, even though he’s been an expat for 25 years, tried to buy it. But he didn’t have the over $1.5 million the owners wanted.

Wellington Harbour - the View I grew Up With

Wellington Harbour – the View I grew Up With

That was nearly 20 years ago – and since then the houses I’ve lived in have not been across the road from the sea. They’ve always been within  a few minutes drive though.  Although I’ve lived in inland Australia,   I’m never happy far from the sea.Central Otago is gorgeous – but it’s as far from the sea as you can get in New Zealand – too far for me (about 200km).But now I’m thinking that maybe I need to be near the sea again.This is a strange new development. Previously I’ve always said I needed some sort of view, but not the sea. I’ve opted for better houses without the seaview – as views are expensive!But now I’m seriously considering trading down a perfectly nice house because I’ve fallen in one with a view across the water.To be fair – the view is pretty darn special.  And weirdly – the house is no more expensive than the townhouse we  currently live in – Titahi Bay appears VERY cheap when you look at  the price of waterfront views in Wellington!

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