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How to save for your big trip?

Having dreamed your big trip: how do you turn your dream into reality? Unfortunately the answer is often about cold hard cash, unfashionable I know but basically there is no substitute for being in a financial position where your outgoings are less their your income. If you are not in the position to be able to pay off your credit card from one month to the next its not really likely that you can abandon your paid employment for a number of months to have the wonderful RTW trip that you are dreaming off.


I always remember being invited around to a friend’s home years ago when I was due to leave on a 6 month trip -she said that she really envied me the opportunity, I know we earned similar salaries, but the conversation occurred while we were seated on her gorgeous leather lounge suite which probably cost the same as 3 months travel in India I’m not saying there is anything wrong with nice furniture, a new car or a extensive wardrobe, its just those aren’t my priorities – which I guess is why I keep getting “lucky” with my travel plans! Continue reading How to save for your big trip?