Snowbirds and Grey Nomads

There have always been migratory birds and animals but with the increase in wealth and age, the migratory instinct has extended to include the baby boomers. The “me generation” have asked “do we have to put up with long cold winters now the kids have left home and we have retired” and answer is a resounding “we don’t”!
The temporary migrants go by different names in different countries: the “Snow Birds” in north America as those Canadians and Americans from the northern states who migrate south to escape their tough winters, heading towards the so-called sunbelt states or Mexico. In Australia natives of Victoria and other southern states, brush off their RV or caravan, becoming “Grey Nomads” and head north to the tropical areas of Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern Western Australia.

In order to keep costs down a lot of these temporary migrants will often travel in their own motor home or caravan. This is particularly popular in Australia and the US where nomads can camp for free or very little in many places including beautiful National Parks.
The other sub-group of nomads will hop on a flight to a warmer and typically cheaper nearby countries. Favorites for north Americans include Mexico and Costa Rica, while Australians wanted to leave the country have a lot of choice in South East Asia including Bali and Thailand.

The scary thing is that a lot of the younger generation are looking at these fit seniors heading off to the sun and thinking – why not me… but that’s the next post!

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