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When I was looking at taking to the road again on a long trip with no return air ticket and no strict timetable, I naturally turned to the Internet. As I started to research the trip I found I was sifting through a lot of information directed at “gappers” who where 20+ years younger than me or “snowbirds” or “greynomads” who where 20 years older than me. This site is the result of that research at is designed for the people in between – the mid-lifers that is the 30 ish to 50 plus age group who have the opportunity to travel but are not quite sure how to go about it. Or who want a career break and are not sure where to start.

Most travel blogs are written people by people 20 years younger than me – they have their point of view – but I do think I do travel differently than I did in my 20’s. This site is about balancing this out.  This site includes trip diaries from long before there was an Internet and much more recent material. Trip reports are fun but I also try to write far more focussed articles – so you can get real information if you – for example- want to  undertake independent travel in Ireland.

Maybe you’ve travelled previously but have outgrown the 20-person single sex hostel dorm scene. You want good value for you travel dollar, pound, euro but are happy to NOT want to share your room with anyone except your significant other and you do want air-con if the overnight temperature is above 30C.

You don’t want to go on a package but don’t want to hang with the 20-something drinking scene. Concerned that 30 or 40 or 50 or is too late for you to do anything but book the bus tour or maybe a cruise ?

This is the site for you This is where you will find information on the adult gapyearer how to be a mid-life nomad and budget travelling for the over-35’s. Maybe you have a career a partner a house a cat. How can you drop out for a year? Do you want to take the road less-travelled but don’t know where to start?

Do you know what the hardest part of long-term traveling – arriving in the middle of the night without a reservation? – no; trying to understand the local transit system in a foreign language? – no; eating alone in a restaurant? – no. The most difficult thing – is making the decision to go. Deciding to leave the comfortable, comfortable work to live lifestyle and getting on that first flight – its all easier from there on ! However its not that easy to find the information you need to know before you leave home. Lots of guidebooks and web sites will tell you what to see and do when you get there, but for many people the big thing is how to leave in the first place.

Life is more complex when you are older – leaving the apartment, moving your stuff back to your parent’s place and selling the car may not be an option any more. Do you sell your house ,rent, leave it empty? What about your investments and other financial obligations? These are some of the questions I try to give some answers – or at least some better questions to start you thinking about the answers.

Who The Hell Am I?

I’m Lis, I’m nearer 50 than 40, I travel with my partner these days – but I have done plenty of miles solo as well. I have been travelling independently since 1984 – yup before the Internet even! I have several passports, but my accent identifies me as a New Zealander.  Read more about me here.

Lis’s Travel Tips 

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