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One of the things I find different when I travel long term is that long with slowing down the actual rate of travel I need to do something creative. Although I take photos and write a journal I miss doing a craft with my hands. When I first started travelling my crafts of choice were knitting and crochet. I found the wool too bulky to carry around, and you have to buy all the wool at the same time so I couldn’t buy as I went. I then discovered cross stitch embroidery and was hooked.
Compact, easy to carry, and the silks are numbered on an international system which means you can buy them in any Western country – handy, although they don’t take much space to carry. My one and only purchase at Harrods, London’s famous department store, was another skein of colour for my current cross stitch!

In fact your hobby can be incorporated in your travels in other ways: lots of people take a class to learn a new skill or enhance a new one: cooking classes in Asia or Italy, language classes, dance classes, the list is endless. We met a group of English women on a small Greek island siting at an outdoor cafe making lace. They were on an organised tour and found it great because all the locals were fascinated and came up and talked to them.

I remember extending my stay at cheap hotel in Sumatra because although the hotel was new and under-furnished it turned out to have perfect acoustics for a a fellow traveller who was a talented classical guitarist – free concerts every night – I don’t think that guy had to pay for his room all week, the owner figured out he was attracting other people to eat and drink in-house at night!

The ultimate travelling hobby though which can also make you money is being a hairdresser -everywhere in the world travelers will pay $5 for a cheap, convenient hair cut at the hotel – pack your scissors hairdressers -just not in your carry on!

4 thoughts on “Hobbies and Travel”

  1. Great post – and interesting blog!

    I love the line about being a hairdresser as the ultimate travel job. I’ve never thought of it that way.

    I have a friend who teaches yoga and a couple of times of year she just takes off and goes to a resort to teach. They provide a nice free room and free food and she teaches a couple of hours a day.

    And I always thought travel writers had it made in the shade. Who knew!?!

    Julia Rosien

  2. I’m racking my brains now to think what type of skill we could learn/enhance while travelling. Hmm. The cooking is a good idea as we both love to cook – and maybe the course would be cheaper than some of the ridiculous prices we’ve seen in the UK.

    1. Cooking is a great idea – I know cooking classes are huge in Asia – but I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find something in Turkey as well. I’m focusing on photography on my next trip (that was a bad pun sorry!)

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