Five Reasons to do a California Road Trip

Many claim that a California road trip on the Pacific Coat Highway is an unforgettable experience for the lucky ones who will decide to do it. Whether you do it with your car, with an RV or even with a motorcycle, all you need is great company and plenty of time in order to relax and enjoy this amazing and breathtaking route. The classic California road trip, driving driving highway one aka the Pacific Coast Highway. It is probably the most amazing coastline route of the United States.

Here are five reasons why a California road trip should be on your top travel priorities:

1) The Scenary

The almost 700 mile long route that stretches from the Mexican border in the south, up to Legett in Northern California, offers incredible ocean view, landscape alteration and plenty of possible activities for the Californian excursionists who will choose to devote their time for this road trip. The variety of landscape and scenery you will encounter is unique. Rocky landscape, blue colors of the ocean, green hills along the way, amazing view and relaxing of the senses is the trademark of the Pacific Coast Highway.

2) The Pacific Ocean

While you are driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, you will have a continuous contact with the Pacific Ocean throughout the major part of your trip. Crystal blue beaches for long walks, rocky spots ideal for fishing are optimal for a short or a longer break. You can stop for camping on Jalama Beach, enjoy swimming, surfing or any other water activity you like along the breathtaking coastline of the Pacific.

3) Top Cities

If you think that you need a break from the ocean and you wish to enjoy some of the Californian cities and town’s vibe, as you travel from the North to the South you will have the opportunity to visit small villages and towns representative of the Californian way of living. Not to mention the big cities of California, like San Francisco Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara where you can do some sightseeing and visit the local monuments. The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is also a part of highway number one.

4) Hotels and Restaurants

During your California road trip, you will have no worries about where to spend the night, where to rest for a while or where to find something delicious to eat. All kinds of accommodations are available from luxury hotels to cheap hostels and campsites. The food in most places is excellent and the prices, especially in places out of the highway route relatively cheap.

5) Safety

The last reason but certainly not the least is about safety. The California highway patrol is doing an excellent job and a sense of security is being established in highway one over the recent years. However, some parts of the highway can get tricky and dangerous for the drivers. So, don’t rush it! Take your time and enjoy your road trip whether you decide to cover the whole route or just a part of it.

After taking under consideration the above mentioned reasons and after the experiences of people who have actually done the California road trip, I believe that it’s worth spending some days visiting California’s unique beauties. It is without a doubt one of the best coastal routes in the world.

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  1. As a resident of California I highly recommend a Road Trip through our lovely state. So many visitors fly into our major cities then never have the chance to see the majestic mountains, awe inspiring deserts, quaint towns, or crazy raod side attractions that can only taken in from behind a steering wheel.
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