Cape Panwa, Phuket

This Blog is Not Going to Malta!

So I’m a bad blogger, and I don’t update often enough.  But when I do update, it’s genuine. Which is why I’m not going to Malta. But I probably need to back up and explain: Malta is running a campaign which sees them sponsoring 72 travel bloggers to visit in 2014 In some ways this…

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Truckie on the Oodnadatta Track and the Old Ghan Railroad

Travel Memories

Travel memories – I was inspired to write by reading Tim Leffel’s article here. The thing is I have very few actual souvenirs. Coming to my home wouldn’t mean that you look around and go “Wow you’ve travelled a lot!” You’d need a keen eye to recognise the pretty throw as being a Berber shawl…

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Travellers’ Night In: Travel Nightmares

Hmm yeah – well to be honest, more than I ever told my mother! To be honest I’m bit of a beginner with Twitter – but I noticed this regular Travellers’ (English spelling get over it) Night In where people respond to questions during a set time frame. I’m not sure whether I got the time…

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Packing to Leave London 1990

You Can’t Travel? There Are Two Good Reasons And They Probably Don’t Apply To You

All my life I’ve been told I was lucky. Lucky to travel, lucky to spend 6 months in South America, more than that in Asia. Lucky to travel twice a year now.  I used to say I wasn’t lucky, I just prioritised travel. But that’s not quite true. I am lucky but not for the…

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