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Belfast City Centre

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and the second largest city in all of Ireland. Belfast’s city centre is made primarily of Donegall Square and Belfast City Hall. The city’s main bus routes meet here, and this is where residents of Belfast can be seen enjoying a sunny day. City Hall is the masterpiece of the city, and is often the starting point of city exploration by visitors to Belfast.

Belfast City Hall, photo: a11sus via

Traveling north from the center of Donegall Square will take a visitor to Donegall Place, which is a broad and very busy shopping street, and will lead eventually to the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast and the Arts School. The east boundary of the city centre is the River Lagan, and the southern is the area of the Donegall Pass.

City Hall is a stunning masterpiece of architecture, created in 1906. Guided tours are offered daily. The grounds include a memorial to the victims of the Titanic sinking and a statue in honor of Queen Victoria.

Saint Anne’s Cathedral, stunning and beautiful, is located on Royal Avenue, the main shopping street which also hosts City Hall. This piece of history is grandiose and lovely, and sits at the center of the Cathedral Quarter, which is slowly being redesigned to become Belfast’s cultural district.

Belfast Exposed is the only dedicated photography gallery in all of Northern Ireland, and displays a fine exhibition of artwork at all times provided by local photographers, hosted in a refurbished warehouse building. It also allows local photographers to use its dark room and processing facilities. It has an art library for the public and exhibitions are usually free to enjoy.

Many pubs, bars, B&B Belfast and shops are located in the city center, allowing guests to have places to pick up souvenirs and enjoy the area. Food and drink are offered as well as unique shopping opportunities. The city center also includes part of the River Lagan for visitors and residents to enjoy its natural beauty.

The Belfast Central Library, also located in the city center, houses an extensive Irish book selection, and newspapers and historical archives can be found here. It is a wonderful source of historical research and information about the city of Belfast and surrounding area. Because of the many historical events that have taken place in Belfast, many visitors find the library to be a source of fascination. These features and many others make the city center of Belfast known as the heart of the city.

The Cotswolds – Typically English

Located in the south west of England, the Cotswolds are what most people imagine when they think olde England. The area consists of low, rolling hills, or ‘wolds’ and picturesque towns and villages made from the local honey colored limestone. The Cotswolds are home to larger towns such as Bath, with its Roman remains and mineral water spa; and Cheltenham, home to one of the UK’s most important security services. However, there are also plenty of smaller places that beckon tourisrs, such as Stow-on-the-Wold, known for its shops, restaurants and tea rooms.

Coltswold Cottage Photo: Maia C via

The Cotswolds are so typically English and it is this that is part of their appeal to overseas visitors. The best way to explore the countryside and small towns andd villages is by driving, although you should be careful of the narrow, winding roads and the occasional sheep on the road.

Touring Ideas

There are also several castles in the area. One option is to stay at Berkeley Castle, which was built originally to keep the Welsh out of England. It is just one of a line of castles stretching along the Wales and England border. Blenheim Palace is well known as the place where Sir Winston Churchill was born; and Broughton Castle near Banbury is considered one of the the most beautiful in England

If you are arriving by air in the UK, the Cotswolds are easy to reach from Heathrow and are just a short drive along the M4. Not far from the area is the large city of Bristol, with its many hotels and restaurants and offers a more lively pace.

Although there are many places in the Cotswolds worth visiting, some places should not be missed, including Bath, Malmesbury, Stow and Cheltenham, for their feeling of Englishness. Cardiff airport is actually closer to the area than Heathrow and one strategy is to fly into Cardiff and hire a car to explore. A visit to Cardiff will also give you a chance to visit the country of Wales for a different perspective.

Static Caravans for Holidaying Anglers

There are many types of holiday accommodation available to hire in the UK for a summer escapade, but static caravans are the most popular holiday rental for many people. Having a low budget doesn’t mean you can never go out on a holiday, hiring caravan holidays might just be the right answer for your tight budget problem. Perhaps you have never thought of taking a caravan holiday; well let’s look into some reasons why caravan holidays are so great and why you might like to consider one. The caravan holidays aren’t just famous in the United Kingdom because it is the cheapest form of accommodation but it is also known as the most comfortable type of accommodation. Aside from that, the caravans’ furnishings are of excellent quality.

Static Caravans, Wales Photo: pixelhut via

For the promising skilled angler, a static caravan holiday can be very pleasant and also practical as there is often adequate room to lay up a number of fishing tackle with the rod still made up. The caravan brings about an enormous space to store an adequate amount of fishing rod under the caravan itself and there are quite a few lockable storage outdoor available where the rest of your fishing tackle can be stored neatly and safely.

Being situated near fishing lakes that opens from dusk until dawn without acquiring additional expenses, the caravan holidays make none-the-less one of the best reason why anglers shouldn’t have second thoughts of acquiring one. Moreover, the availability of group license in some static caravan holiday parks makes an angler’s life more convenient for they don’t even have to purchase your own fishing license. This is ideal if you don’t think that you will be fishing at any other time of the year because you can cut the cost of buying your own license.

Another popular choice for anglers is hiring static caravan in the Lake District. As the name implies, the Lake District comprises of multiple lakes which make it ideal for a fishing escapade. Most of the caravans are situated just a few paces from the lake, making it very accessible and comfortable for anglers.