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Singapore’s Top 5 Latest Attractions and Shopping Centers

Singapore may be compact but it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, packed with tempting attractions and luxurious shopping venues. This unique Asian city-state has so much new to offer in 2012. The top 5 novelties are: the world’s most expensive hotel – Marina Bay Sands (2010-2011), Universal Studios Singapore (2011), Gardens by the Bay Park (2012), Louis Vuitton Island Maison (2011), and JCube Shopping Center (2012).

1. Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the newest symbol of Singapore. It took 4 years to build and cost two times more than the previous most expensive hotel in the world – The Emirates Palace Hotel. Marina Bay Sands is a piece of art. The hotel’s rooftop has a stunning infinity pool – it is 55 stories up. The 150-meter pool is the world’s largest outdoor pool at a height of 650 ft – it makes you feel “on the edge of the world”. This magnificent hotel has over 2,500 luxurious rooms, indoor canal, outdoor plaza, casino, convention center, theater, crystal pavilion, and a lotus flower shaped museum. Atop of the hotel, there is an impressive boat-shaped “SkyPark” – a huge observation deck connecting the hotel’s three towers.

2. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is Sentosa Island’s #1 attraction. This is the place to enjoy fantastic rides (the Transformers, Galactica, the Mummy, and Shrek 4D), as well as stage shows, live shows, restaurants, fireworks, and much more. It’s so fun that many visitors can spend a whole day there. Note: if you don’t like long lines, get the express ticket!

3. Gardens by the Bay

The new Marina Bay garden is among the top 15 attractions in Singapore. The variety of plants and flowers is mesmerizing. The two futuristic domes – cloud dome and flower dome – are great to explore and cool down from the hot sun. The lighted concrete and steel “super trees” with plants growing from them are magical.

4. JCube Shopping Center and Ice-Rink

JCube is a fantastic new shopping center in western Singapore. This futuristic building resembles a sparkling ice cube. JCube is the newest multi-faceted and trendy hub. This chic new mall has everything you could ever need under one roof: fashion, dining, entertainment, sports (including an Olympic-size ice-rink), and more. If you are looking for an unrivalled shopping experience, do explore this new mall.

5. Louis Vuitton Island Maison

Demanding travelers will appreciate the Louis Vuitton Island at the Marina Bay Sands – a new luxury shopping destination. This is the first LV Island Maison in the world. The indescribably gorgeous glass and steel crystal pavilion sits on the waterfront. Access it via a stunning outdoor bridge, by boat, or via a tunnel and enjoy a unique and sophisticated shopping experience, mixed with art and cultural elements.