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Five Reasons to do a California Road Trip

Many claim that a California road trip on the Pacific Coat Highway is an unforgettable experience for the lucky ones who will decide to do it. Whether you do it with your car, with an RV or even with a motorcycle, all you need is great company and plenty of time in order to relax and enjoy this amazing and breathtaking route. The classic California road trip, driving driving highway one aka the Pacific Coast Highway. It is probably the most amazing coastline route of the United States.

Here are five reasons why a California road trip should be on your top travel priorities:

1) The Scenary

The almost 700 mile long route that stretches from the Mexican border in the south, up to Legett in Northern California, offers incredible ocean view, landscape alteration and plenty of possible activities for the Californian excursionists who will choose to devote their time for this road trip. The variety of landscape and scenery you will encounter is unique. Rocky landscape, blue colors of the ocean, green hills along the way, amazing view and relaxing of the senses is the trademark of the Pacific Coast Highway.

2) The Pacific Ocean

While you are driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, you will have a continuous contact with the Pacific Ocean throughout the major part of your trip. Crystal blue beaches for long walks, rocky spots ideal for fishing are optimal for a short or a longer break. You can stop for camping on Jalama Beach, enjoy swimming, surfing or any other water activity you like along the breathtaking coastline of the Pacific.

3) Top Cities

If you think that you need a break from the ocean and you wish to enjoy some of the Californian cities and town’s vibe, as you travel from the North to the South you will have the opportunity to visit small villages and towns representative of the Californian way of living. Not to mention the big cities of California, like San Francisco Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara where you can do some sightseeing and visit the local monuments. The famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is also a part of highway number one.

4) Hotels and Restaurants

During your California road trip, you will have no worries about where to spend the night, where to rest for a while or where to find something delicious to eat. All kinds of accommodations are available from luxury hotels to cheap hostels and campsites. The food in most places is excellent and the prices, especially in places out of the highway route relatively cheap.

5) Safety

The last reason but certainly not the least is about safety. The California highway patrol is doing an excellent job and a sense of security is being established in highway one over the recent years. However, some parts of the highway can get tricky and dangerous for the drivers. So, don’t rush it! Take your time and enjoy your road trip whether you decide to cover the whole route or just a part of it.

After taking under consideration the above mentioned reasons and after the experiences of people who have actually done the California road trip, I believe that it’s worth spending some days visiting California’s unique beauties. It is without a doubt one of the best coastal routes in the world.

Break Out of the Mold and Explore Puerto Rico!

Do you enjoy going on beach vacations but tired of the same mundane destinations where the main attraction is the solely the beach and water?  If you’re looking for a destination that has beautiful beaches but also a world of much more opportunity to explore, than Puerto Rico should be at the top of your list.

Photo: Gran Canaria Co via

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and a popular spot among tourists.  Many attractions and activities are at your fingertips.  Unlike other tourist destinations, the attractions in Puerto Rico for the most part are all worthwhile and are all unique.

One of the more popular areas to visit is a city called San Juan, which happens to be the island’s capital.  A few of the top attractions in San Juan and the surrounding area include Old San Juan, the Bacardi Rum Distillery, El Yunque Rainforest and the Castillo de San Felipe de Morro.  Each attraction has its’ own island flavor and none involve a beach.

For those more on the adventurous side, the rainforest of El Yunque will satisfy this hunger.  Set off on one of the many challenging trails that await your best efforts.  As with any rainforest, many beautiful waterfalls cover the lush forest and vegetation.  Be sure to give yourself a full day to experience El Yunque and don’t leave without making it to the top.  It is at this point where the most breathtaking views of the rainforest and coast take your breath away.

Puerto Rico is also home to some of the world’s most desirable beaches.  One of the most popular ones among tourists and couples on their honeymoon is Liquillo Beach.  Beautiful white sand and turquoise colored water are perfect ingredients to a relaxing day in the Caribbean.  Sip on a tropical drink, grab a good book and become a beach bum for the day!

Another benefit to Puerto Rico is the abundance of popular brand name hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton and the Westin.  For those that have saved up hotel points, now would be a very worthwhile time to redeem them.  If nothing else, it is very reassuring to know these companies have invested in the country which represents safety and security.  This is something that not all Caribbean Islands have.

For those on their honeymoon, check out Discover Your Honeymoon to learn more about the opportunities that await you in Puerto Rico.  Hands down, this Caribbean island has the most to offer.  Discovering all of them is half the battle!

It Is No Wonder Why Utah Is A Popular Sought After Travel Destination

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Many would say Utah, and it is not hard to see why.

Utah is actually a well-known travel destination. It is not hard to understand why Utah is so often visited with all of the breathtaking pictures I have found checking the state out on the internet. I would absolutely love to visit Utah and see all the glorious scenery. Utah can be a popular vacation spot is because of its overlavishness of natural resources that are made up from their numerous national parks. Visitors that are considering visiting the lovely state of Utah would need to visit the Office of Tourism’s consumer web site to be able to find all of the information so they do not miss a thing while visiting.

Utah Kodachrome State Basin Photo by vtveen via flickr

A few of these spectacular, breathtaking views that can be located in Utah are:

The Utah State Parks. Utah has 45 state parks that are made for leisure, picturesque and brimming with heritage. State parks are undoubtedly a great area to just take the family tenting, fishing, going swimming and just a good ol’ sense of peace.

Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake has some of the best, epicurean dining. As the capitol of Utah, the sightseeing, traditional and recreational activities are a must-do for your vacation. For more information when visiting Utah, a person must have a look at the Utah Office of Tourism.

The Canyonlands is the biggest national park in Utah. River canyons can be seen from thousands of feet up in the air. The red rock spires tend to be impressive to observe. When viewing Canyonlands, you will want to take a drive through the park. You can either travel a passenger car on the secure, paved roadways or individuals can move off-road on the four-wheel drive roads for a little adventure. You actually can can track down these routes throughout the whole park. If you need to experience some fresh air, exercise, and take a bike, or saunter, The Canyonlands is a great place to start!

The Native Utah Tribes. Would you believe that Native American Tribes still reside in Utah? Utah Tribes still have quite a lot to teach us and are full of natural history.


Epcot Center: An Inside Look

Epcot, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow will not just provide you with a great educational tour on geography and science, but will also provide you with an opportunity to have some fun as well as be entertained through the numerous shows and activities that happen around the entire theme park. Below is a glimpse of the many entertaining attractions and shows which you must definitely not miss out while touring Epcot.

Here is an Epcot Center Florida Walt Disney World Guide for you!

epicot center orlando
Photo: The Inspired Photographer via

Character Greeting along the Park – Do not think that only Magic Kingdom offers great photo-ops with lovable Disney characters. Here at Epcot, you can spot your favorite characters from Disney classics such as Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, either riding a bus around the whole World Showcase area, or simply strolling along the park. Of course, there are also your all-time favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy, among others that are always willing to strike a pose with you. Jammitors – The Future World section is totally rocking with great percussion players utilizing materials which are unlikely for drumming. Things like dustpans, trashcans and flyswatters are all pieces of their expertly choreographed performance. Their show is definitely worth the trip.

Kidcot Fun Stops – In each country pavilion within the World Showcase area, there are fun stops which allow young children (and possibly even the young-at-heart) to do creative arts & crafts. Kids can create masks, for instance, and these make for wonderful souvenirs to keep. Turtle Talk with Crush – Crush, the famous turtle from the Disney movie Finding Nemo entertains queries from the audience with this very interactive, and not to mention entertaining 15 minute show. This 3D show experience varies throughout each and every show; however, this ultra-hip turtle always makes it certain to remind all people regarding the importance of protecting earth’s many oceans.

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame On The Warner Brothers Studio Tour

We live in a society that has an obsession with all things celebrity, from autographs to news to gossip and more. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour Los Angeles is a backstage look at some of your favorite movies and television shows. There are changes at times when new movies or television shows become hits, but there are also some standards that are always included.

Photo: Kara Brugman via

A statue of Bugs Bunny greets you as you enter the starting point of your tour at the VIP Tour Center and Store. While there, you can purchase souvenirs, check out the displays, or grab a bite with some employees of the studio. Once your tour starts, you hop on a tour bus to see the backlots and sets; some are from shows gone by and some are still used today.

You will see the Jungle studio, which is home to scenes from Million Dollar Baby, The Last Samurai, and Merlotte’s Bar and Grille from True Blood. You will see Brownstone Street, used by shows like ER and The West Wing, and Hennessy Street, which you may recognize as Gotham City from the Tim Burton version of Batman. You will see Midwest Street, which you will recognize as Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, as well as New York Street.

If you’re wondering what to do in Los Angeles with kids this studio tour has more than just street sets. You will get to see the immense prop building that has every type of furniture prop one would ever need, as well as other exciting sights. The tours run Monday through Friday from 8:20 am to 4 pm. The tickets cost about $58 per person for the VIP Studio Tour. You can also check out the Deluxe Tour and the Group Tour.

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour is an experience you do not want to miss. It changes frequently as new movies and new shows come out, so make sure you do it more than once so you do not miss the fun. So get your fifteen minutes of fame by having fun and taking pictures to show your friends of all the famous sets you have to visit.