Backpacks On the Way to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand Photo: saucy_pan via flickr

Packing Lists – Sensible Ones This Time

Its been a while since I have done a lot of reading of travel blogs – but this has now all changed and after finding some woeful examples packing lists I then discovered some pretty sensible ones. But I admit they are both packing lists that fit my style of travel – so I should maybe describe the style of travel these varies from others.

Backpacks On the Way to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand Photo: saucy_pan via flickr
  • I’m backpacker – I intend to carry my bag, not pay porters.
  • I travel overland by public transport – I need to get ¬†through turnstiles onto a train platform or onto a bus – without gymnastics
  • I travel long-haul on cheap airlines – and I don’t like paying overweight fees.
  • I’m old and lazy – I don’t do gym workouts for fun.
  • I’ve travelled enough to know that you can buy whatever you need, anywhere, and usually for less than at home.
  • I’m girl – traveling with a guy – this only makes a slight difference.
  • I work online so I need to stay in touch.

So who’s lists do I like:

AdventureRob recently did a post on What Travel Stuff. What I liked about Rob’s list :

  • he knows that no one should ever travel with denim – ever.
  • he understands that if you need stuff – you can buy it – particularly in Thailand.

What I disagree with:

  • I wouldn’t carry an two external hard-drives. If I carry an external hard drive – I don’t – my partner does if I have the netbook and vice versa. I do backup online to the cloud though using a neat little service called SugarSync. I also have a thumb drive.
  • I can’t see much point in having a cell phone – people have my email if they need to get in contact …

Wandering Earl has gone even lighter weight than Rob when he writes about What A Permanent Nomad Packs. He makes the excellent the point that the length of time you travel for is pretty irrelevant. What makes the difference is the climate – and although is 7.5kg list would work for me in Asia (well I’m a girl so I’d add some bras and a tankini – which would substitute for underwear and a dress up top). The big difference is climate. Now Earl admits to a warm weather guy – but he’s heading to Turkey and Syria soon – now I hit Turkey in March – and admired the snow on the minarets – and litterally froze my – well all parts of my body – at Crac de Chevalliers in Syria in April – I really think Earl might need something windproof/waterproof and a warm layer.

So what is my packing list? – Have to wait for next time!

3 thoughts on “Packing Lists – Sensible Ones This Time”

  1. Thank you for the mention Lis!

    And yes the cold weather can be a problem…it’s already dropped down to about 3 C at night in Istanbul! Luckily, my North Face jumper has been sufficient and has kept me warm…so far so good. But it looks like I’ll be heading south (far south) in about a week where the temps are over 25 C at the moment.

    We’ll see how it goes…and good luck with your own packing list :)
    Earl recently posted..All Is Well In Istanbul- Thanks To Shakira

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