Five of the Best Long Distance Trails in the World

Hiking is not for everyone. In fact, not all athletes can survive the tough trails these adventurers have to go through on a daily basis. The combination of breathtaking sights and the uncertainty of traversing through unknown territories bring a sense of excitement and fulfillment that perhaps only hikers will ever learn to love.

If you are one of those who long for great adventure in the outdoors, then we dare you to take on the top 5 most perilous treks that will surely test your wits, patience, and endurance.

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1. Tongariro Northern Circuit

North Island, New Zealand

The island of New Zealand is home to some of the world’s most majestic views and is high on the list of the most beautiful and equally dangerous hikes across the globe.

The Tongariro North Circuit is a world heritage site that lies on its northernmost tip. Crossing this great tail involves roughly 2 -3 nights and takes hikers across 35 kilometers of magnificent terrain. Filled with a perfect mix of ashen surroundings, the Tongariro Circuit is like going to another planet.  Set on the grounds of Mt. Ngaurube, doubling for Mt Doom in the famed LOTR movie franchise, a trek around this area will take you through glacial basins, volcanic beds, and smoldering jot craters.

2. Zion Narrows

Utah, United States

Recognized by the National Geographic of America as the 5th best destination for adventures in the country, a trip through Zion Narrows will take you through canyons and streams that abounds with a picturesque sandstone wall that towers over 3,500 feet.

Despite it’s curtain of majestic views, Zion Narrows is not for the faint of heart, as it can instantly turn from calm to treacherous in a matter of minutes. Flash floods are not new to this part of the state and have claimed the lives of some of the most adventurous hikers.

3. Annapurna Circuit


Known for its lush landscape, the Annapurna Circuit’s snow capped peaks creates a perfect mantle of land for trekkers who are in search of new and refreshing exploits.

With an elevation of more than 17,740 feet, trailing through this mountain patch takes roughly 3 weeks, wherein you will pass through Buddhist temples, teahouses, and hot springs that have enamored hikers and tourists alike.

4. Inca Trail


All hikers dream of passing through the world famous Inca trail that offers some of the most captivating sceneries in South America.

Navigating through its elevated alpine terrain, trekkers can take in the sight of Incan ruins and the Peruvian mountains, but this 4 day hike can be full of surprises, which is why hikers only traverse through these lands fully prepared for the journey ahead.

5. Tiger Leaping Gorge


Situated along the historical Yangtze River and Jade Dragon mountains lays the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Dubbed one of the world’s deepest river canyons, circumnavigating this curvaceous 14 mile ravine is both challenging and rewarding.

Together, these 5 ultimate hiking destinations make up some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer, and while trekking through these paths present risks and danger, the unique experience and enjoyment they offer makes all the effort worth it.


How To Travel to Fire Island, New York

Fire Island, New York is one of the outer barrier islands found south of Long Island. It stretches 50 kilometers long and is a popular day trip destination for tourists who happen to be nearby. To reach the island, you have a number of transport options including  plane, bus, taxi, and boats.

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Fire Island is only 60 miles away from Manhattan. You can also fly to the Islip MacArthur Airport is situated in Long Island. From there, you can simply get a rental car, take a taxi, or board a train to reach Fire Island, New York.

Two bridges connect Fire Island as well, allowing you to get there by car or a taxi. On the eastern part of the island is the William Floyd Parkway. Over at the opposite end is the Robert Moses Causeway. Unfortunately, the bridges lead to dead ends – parkways. The island has no public roads to help you get around with the same modes of transportation.

Traveling to the island by bus is also a possibility. Unlike cars or taxis however, they never cross bridges to take you all the way to the parkways. Instead, they will only take you as far as the ferry terminals which isn’t such a bad thing if you are planning to travel by ferry boat. Ferries are the most popular means to reach Fire Island, New York.

The ferries headed for Fire Island are passenger-only which means they don’t transport vehicles of any kind. They are located on Long Island and operate all year round. Ferry rides are especially active on July and August but less frequent during spring and fall. Currently, there are three locations with ferries that will help you get to the island – Bay Shore, Patchogue, and Sayville.

The ferry terminal in Sayville is available all year round and could take you to the Sunken Forest, Cherry Grove, and Fire Island Pines. Bayshore’s ferries are also available throughout the year and will take you to even more Fire Island attractions. Patchogue has two terminals but are seasonally open. You can only catch terminals ferries leaving for Fire Island, New York between March and November. They leave for only two destinations too, the Fire Island National Seashore and Davis Park.

Break Out of the Mold and Explore Puerto Rico!

Do you enjoy going on beach vacations but tired of the same mundane destinations where the main attraction is the solely the beach and water?  If you’re looking for a destination that has beautiful beaches but also a world of much more opportunity to explore, than Puerto Rico should be at the top of your list.

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Puerto Rico is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and a popular spot among tourists.  Many attractions and activities are at your fingertips.  Unlike other tourist destinations, the attractions in Puerto Rico for the most part are all worthwhile and are all unique.

One of the more popular areas to visit is a city called San Juan, which happens to be the island’s capital.  A few of the top attractions in San Juan and the surrounding area include Old San Juan, the Bacardi Rum Distillery, El Yunque Rainforest and the Castillo de San Felipe de Morro.  Each attraction has its’ own island flavor and none involve a beach.

For those more on the adventurous side, the rainforest of El Yunque will satisfy this hunger.  Set off on one of the many challenging trails that await your best efforts.  As with any rainforest, many beautiful waterfalls cover the lush forest and vegetation.  Be sure to give yourself a full day to experience El Yunque and don’t leave without making it to the top.  It is at this point where the most breathtaking views of the rainforest and coast take your breath away.

Puerto Rico is also home to some of the world’s most desirable beaches.  One of the most popular ones among tourists and couples on their honeymoon is Liquillo Beach.  Beautiful white sand and turquoise colored water are perfect ingredients to a relaxing day in the Caribbean.  Sip on a tropical drink, grab a good book and become a beach bum for the day!

Another benefit to Puerto Rico is the abundance of popular brand name hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton and the Westin.  For those that have saved up hotel points, now would be a very worthwhile time to redeem them.  If nothing else, it is very reassuring to know these companies have invested in the country which represents safety and security.  This is something that not all Caribbean Islands have.

For those on their honeymoon, check out Discover Your Honeymoon to learn more about the opportunities that await you in Puerto Rico.  Hands down, this Caribbean island has the most to offer.  Discovering all of them is half the battle!